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Receiving proper prenatal care during pregnancy is essential for a healthy newborn. During each visit, the progress of your pregnancy will be checked by your team of medical professionals. During your pregnancy, it’s essential to take steps to maintain the health of you and your developing baby. While Paragon Pediatric does not provide prenatal care, we’ll be there for you and your baby once the big day comes. The following information will help you prepare.

A Successful Pregnancy With Prenatal Care

The first step in ensuring you receive the best prenatal care is establishing a relationship with the proper medical professionals. Obstetricians are physicians who specialize in pregnancy and the health concerns surrounding them. All Obstetricians are gynecologists specializing in the female reproductive system, though not all gynecologists are obstetricians. It’s best to reach out to these professionals before you get pregnant. Once you begin working with an OB/GYN, you’ll begin a schedule of visits:

  • One a month for the first 28 weeks of pregnancy
  • From week 28 to week 36, you’ll be seen twice a week
  • The final weeks of pregnancy will include weekly checkups

This schedule will be adhered to, provided no complications are identified with your pregnancy. Each visit will include checking for any indications of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and other concerns. You may also need to be seen more often if you experienced depression or were diagnosed with diabetes before the pregnancy.

When it’s time for your first prenatal checkup, you can prepare by gathering the following information:

  • The Last Date of Menstruation – This can help establish a due date.
  • Existing Health Concerns – High blood pressure, depression, and diabetes are some health issues that can impact your pregnancy path.
  • Medications – Any products you take for medicinal or therapeutic purposes should be reported to your provider. These include herbal products, over-the-counter medicine, prescription medicine, and supplements.
  • Previous Pregnancies – Any history you have with pregnancy can help provide insight into what to expect. Inform your OB provider if you’ve previously experienced stillbirth, miscarriage, or premature birth.
  • Stress Concerns – Besides depression, you must provide information about any stress you may be dealing with. Stress can have a notable impact on your pregnancy. Learning how to manage it can help alleviate any potential complications.
  • Work Environment – It’s important to know that your work environment is safe for your baby. Be sure to go over the details of your daily workspace, whether at home or an external office. Discuss any chemicals used throughout your day and how you can keep yourself safe.

If you drink alcohol, smoke, or use any drug recreationally, you must communicate this to your providers. They will provide resources to help you break these habits during your pregnancy. These substances can cause significant harm to your baby during development.

Get Started With Prenatal Care With Paragon Pediatrics

If you’ve recently discovered you’re pregnant; it’s time to start planning your prenatal care. Your provider is excited to be part of this remarkable chapter in your life. It’s essential to communicate with Paragon Pediatrics as you close in on the final weeks of your pregnancy. Your first visit with your provider will occur within the first week of bringing your baby home.

With Paragon Pediatrics, you’ll be receiving personalized care built on one-on-one relationships with your provider. There are no waiting times at your appointments, and you can reach out to them any time of night or day via video chat, text, email, or phone.

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