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Milestone Visits

Developmental milestones are an essential method for tracking the growth and development of your child. During the first few years of their life, developmental milestones will be watched very closely. Every child will develop at their own rate. However, delay in reaching certain milestones can indicate mental or physical health concerns that need to be investigated. When caught early, many forms of developmental delay can be accounted for. This can help significantly reduce the lasting impact these developmental struggles might cause. 

Track Developmental Milestones With Paragon Pediatrics

Keeping up with your child’s developmental milestones is easier than ever with concierge Paragon Pediatrics services. There’s no need to wait for an appointment to address concerns over potential developmental delays. Our team is accessible to her patients 24/7 to ensure that your concerns can be addressed quickly. Together you can track the following developmental milestones laid out by the American Academy of Pediatrics:

  • 1 Month Milestones – Their physical development is often limited at this stage, but they will get stronger. Their head will still need support, and their eyesight is still limited. They should be sucking well and feeding steadily. Blinking should occur when they’re exposed to bright lights, and they should be focusing on and tracking nearby objects. Their arms and legs should move and do so fluidly with no stiffness. However, their limbs should not be floppy or excessively loose. They should also respond to loud sounds.
  • 3-Month Milestones – Babies usually become aware of their hands around this age. They typically smile at the sound of a familiar voice. Their eyes should be tracking objects easily, and objects should be starting to be grasped and held. They should be able to hold their head up easily and push down when their feet are on a firm surface. Their eyes should be moving together quickly and usually, without frequent crossing. They should exhibit curiosity about new faces and quickly become comfortable with new surroundings or faces.
  • 7-Month Milestones – Children should have reasonable control over their bodies at this stage. They are still quite cuddly at this stage and should show affection to their caretaker. Getting objects to their mouth should occur quickly, and they should be rolling over easily. Smiling will happen spontaneously by this stage, and they should be able to sit up with help. They should be starting to stand up with help and attempt to mimic speech with babbling.

If your child isn’t exhibiting the above traits by these milestones, it’s important to communicate this to your provider. The above indicates some, but not all, of the critical milestones that will be checked during each milestone visit.

Learn More About Milestone Visits With Paragon Pediatrics

If you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy, it’s time to begin planning for your child’s development. Working with Paragon Pediatrics makes this easier with convenient house calls on your schedule. With Paragon Pediatrics, you’ll be receiving personalized care built on one-on-one relationships with your provider. There are no waiting times at your appointments, and you can reach out to them any time of night or day via video chat, text, email, or phone. You and your provider will ensure your baby grows and develops to be strong and healthy. Call today to schedule your first visit!

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