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Adolescent Health

Adolescence is often a challenging time in our lives. Modern adolescents are exposed to tremendous degrees of social and academic pressure. These pressures, combined with behaviors, habits, and potentially life-threatening illnesses, make having qualified pediatric care during this time all the more critical. Adolescent care helps teens and young adults manage their emotional, behavioral, and physical health care needs. Paragon Pediatrics makes receiving this care easy by being available through email, phone, and text 24/7.

The Benefits of Adolescent Care From Paragon Pediatrics

Adolescents deal with numerous significant struggles throughout this time of their lives. It can all get overwhelming between physical changes, developing emotions, and striving to prepare for life. They experience important health concerns which may be unique to their personal experience. As part of these adolescent care visits, Your provider will provide the physical exams needed for college, participation in sports, and getting their permit or license. In addition, the following concerns will be addressed:

  • Identification and treatment of scoliosis and other orthopedic concerns.
  • Developmental and growth-related concerns are identified and treated.
  • Chest pains, headaches, and other unusual forms of discomfort
  • Reproductive health and gynecologic concerns and their developing sexuality
  • School-related concerns, such as struggles with attention and learning
  • Eating disorders, nutritional concerns, and obesity
  • Psychosocial problems such as self-esteem, depression, anxiety, etc.
  • Managing acne and other skin conditions that develop during adolescence
  • Chronic and acute illnesses, including cerebral palsy, diabetes, strep throat, and asthma.

In addition to tracking their development and potential health issues, Your provider can be a resource for your growing child. During the visits, she will volunteer information about topics including wellness & nutrition, birth control, and how to be safe by avoiding alcohol and drugs. Another important aspect of the care provided is preparing them for the transition of care.

This process begins as your child enters their teens. During this period, they will be encouraged to ask questions about the care they receive. They’ll learn how to navigate their healthcare as they enter adulthood. This is an essential part of their adolescent care, as it prepares them to become knowledgeable and active patients as they become adults.

Your provider will work with you and your developing teen to navigate the sometimes complex path of adolescence and the future. Together you’ll ensure they reach adulthood healthy and equipped to thrive as they enter the world.

Contact Paragon Pediatrics For Adolescent Care

Are you prepared to enjoy the comfort and convenience of adolescent care on your schedule? Many of the challenges adolescents face during their developmental years can leave them feeling vulnerable and embarrassed. Your provider helps provide privacy and discretion, which often makes the process easier. Paragon Pediatrics is dedicated to giving your child every opportunity to thrive and navigate this complicated time truly. 

With Paragon Pediatrics, you’ll be receiving personalized care built on one-on-one relationships with your provider. There are no waiting times at your appointments, and you can reach out to them any time of night or day via video chat, text, email, or phone. We even provide free sick visits for family members visiting from out of town. Contact our clinic to schedule your first visit and to see if Your provider is a good fit for your child and family.

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